Products & Services


Alwadi F.Z.C, as a general trading company, offers a comprehensive range of services to facilitate international trade and cater to the diverse needs of its clients. Some key services provided by Alwadi F.Z.C include:

  1. Product Sourcing and Procurement: Alwadi F.Z.C specializes in sourcing a wide array of products from reputable suppliers across the globe. They ensure the highest quality standards and competitive prices, meeting the specific demands of their clients.

  2. Import and Export Operations: With expertise in international trade, Alwadi F.Z.C handles all aspects of import and export operations, including documentation, customs clearance, and compliance with trade regulations.

  3. Logistics and Shipping Solutions: The company offers efficient logistics and shipping services to ensure timely delivery of goods to their destinations. They optimize supply chain management to minimize costs and maximize efficiency.

  4. Market Research and Analysis: Alwadi F.Z.C provides valuable market research insights, enabling their clients to make informed decisions and identify potential business opportunities in various industries and markets.

  5. Trade Financing and Payment Solutions: Understanding the financial complexities of international trade, Alwadi F.Z.C offers trade financing and secure payment solutions to facilitate smooth transactions between buyers and sellers.

  6. Consultancy and Trade Support: As experienced trading professionals, Alwadi F.Z.C offers consultancy services to guide clients through complex trade procedures, regulations, and market trends, providing strategic advice for business growth.

  7. Customized Trading Solutions: Alwadi F.Z.C understands that each client’s requirements are unique. Hence, they tailor their services to meet the specific needs of individual businesses, ensuring a personalized approach to trading operations.

Through their comprehensive range of services, Alwadi F.Z.C strives to be a reliable and trusted partner, empowering businesses to expand their global reach and achieve success in the dynamic world of international trade.